SATIN and SILK for skin and hair : Worth a shot?

Hey everyone! If you are a curly girl method enthusiast, you would know satin and silk are considered good for hair especially dry and frizzy. Ever wondered why? Here’s your answer!

Difference between SATIN and SILK

Silk is a lustrous natural protein fiber produced by silkworms. Satin is a type of weave and can be made from fibers such as silk, cotton, nylon, rayon, and usually, polyester.

The prism-like silk fibers refract light from different angles giving silk its shimmery look. While satin’s sheen is due to the way it is woven, four or more threads float over a single thread, which allows a better reflection of light. As such, silk offers significantly better affinity to skin due to similar chemical composition.

It takes an incredibly large amount of the animal proteins to make a small amount of silk fabric. This is why real silk fabric are way too expensive than their satin counterparts. 


A cotton pillowcase is very absorbent, therefore it drains moisture from your hair, leaving your hair extremely dry. In addition, cotton pillowcases have a rough surface, so it tends to grab you hair, which can lead to broken and damaged hair strands.

Silk /satin provides benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites

✔️For skin : The materials silk comes from a source that contains skin compatible amino acids.Resting on a smoother surface unlike cotton will help reduce the appearance of sleep lines and the formation of wrinkles on face. This is even more important for those with acne, as friction can cause lesions to open and spread bacteria to other places.Silk and satin pillowcases help keep your skin supple and allow your pores to breathe more which helps with minimizing pores, reducing irritation and redness, and increasing firmness as well. This makes satin /silk material suitable for sensitive skin as well. Because silk is a natural protein, it also provides additional benefits. Natural silk is a very good thermal insulator helping you to stay cooler in summer months and warmer in winter months, thereby promoting healthy skin.

✔️ For hair : Standard 100-percent cotton pillowcases are moisture-sucking and cause a lot of friction, which can cause significant hair breakage. The tossing and turning that can tug on strands thereby generating static electricity (leading to frizz) and creating breakage, split ends and dryness. The friction of cotton pillowcases weakens strands over time and leads to hair that is more prone to breakage. Silk /satin reduce split ends, prevent frizzing and roughing of the cuticle on any hair texture and can help to prolong styles, whether your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or straight.

✔️ Eye Lashes and eyebrows : The same principle is applicable here as well. The tossing and turning will cause friction between lashes /brow hairs and coarse materials. Eyelash breakage and loss can be reduced with silky material as it glides over the skin and hair instead of rubbing against it and loosening the lashes. Satin pillowcases can be especially helpful for those who wear eyelash extensions.

SATIN BONNET (get here) 

An important step in healthy hair growth is allowing the hair to retain moisture, not just during the day but at night too. If your hair is already damaged, sleeping without a bonnet can further the damage. 

The principle of using a satin bonnet is pretty much the same as using a pillow – it reduces friction and breakage. It helps to lock in moisture in your hair, which keeps you has moisturised, making it less prone to dryness. If you use really expensive cosmetic products to take care of hair, you may as well use a satin bonnet as it doesn’t absorb hair products, unlike cotton material. Bonnets are particularly beneficial for curly hair as they help maintain the curls and protect from external humidity.

A great quality satin sleep bonnet, unlike a satin scarf , will stay on all night, keeping hair hydrated and smooth, allowing you to extend your wash schedule by days on end.



Satin Scrunchies are back in style and for a reason too! Satin scrunchies, apart from being versatile, comfort and cute, save your hair from tangling and breaking due to their great slip and soft feel.They cut down on the friction and tension that comes with the traditional hairband due to the fabric’s natural slippery feel.

Satin scrunchies provide little to no breakage because the satin provides an extra layer of padding between your hair and the elastic band whereas hairbands are just made out of elastic and tend to snag on the hair . Satin scrunchies will not leave any kind of (annoying) ridges or imprints when you take them off. They are great for a loose hold that can be used while sleeping or exercising. They are easy to sleep in and if you section your hair in little buns before you sleep, they will produce some gorgeous gentle waves in the morning.

Apart from these products, one can try and choose other hair styling products like bow, headbuffs, scarves , headbands, etc in satin or silk itself for the aforementioned reasons.

SHOULD YOU TRY SATIN & SILK?There is no definitive scientific evidence that silk pillowcases can stop your acne breakouts or prevent wrinkles for good, likewise for hair too . But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss the idea of switching to satin /silk pros3entirely. If anything, silk can be a great option for someone with sensitive skin, and it can be much easier on the skin than cotton.



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  1. Hey dear superb information dear….u r such great person…. U always sharing new and useful information about skincare, hair care, makeup….nd introduce new products 💖💖💖💖

  2. This was really a very informational post most of which I have heard for the first time I’m going to follow it now thanks for this

  3. Satin crunches have always been my favorite, I especially love them for a reason, they don’t hurt the hair and even while removing them I don’t lose hair like crazy. And satin pillows are so dreamy 🙂

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