Introduction to CURLY GIRL METHOD in India – by Leotales

Hey people!
In this section we’ll deal exclusively with CURLY GIRL METHOD, a hair care method dedicated exclusively for curly and wavy hair!
Also known as no-poo method, Ms.Lorraine Massey talked about it for the first time in her book :“Curly Girl: The New Handbook” .Over the years, matrons around the world agree to the fact that CG has improved hair quality very much and helped in undoing the damage that might have been caused otherwise.

The three keywords that Lorraine Massey stresses on to protect, nourish, and maintain your curls are: Cleanse, Condition, and Style,especially for those who have experimented with almost all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, styling methods, and products, only to be left with frizzy and damaged hair.

In this video I have given a general introduction to the CG method, the Do’s and Dont’s, a basic overview ,etc so as to help beginners understand the process better.

You may expect atleast one video in a week under my youtube playlist “CURLY GIRL METHOD” which will focus on section wise explanations of the method, various products and also updates on my hair care journey!

So do subscribe to my channel and checkout the video to know more! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Introduction to CURLY GIRL METHOD in India – by Leotales”

  1. Harshala Sanghvi

    I really found the CG video helpful and have started following the steps 3 days ago.
    Thanks Niranjana
    Also. Already a YT and Insta Subscriber.. subscribed here as well
    I hope I win the give away

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