Bellechloe Magnetic Lashes Review – By Leotales

Hey lovely people! How are you all doing?
Today let’s take a look at the Wakeup and Makeup magnetic lashes in the variant Double Demi Wispies and how they work for me.

ABOUT BELLECHLOE MAGNETIC LASHES is the website where you can buy the magnetic lashes from. Here are some more details
✔️ Brand:Wake Up&Make Up
✔️ Material: High-grade fiber
✔️ Effect: Full Volume
✔️ Features:Reusable
✔️ Color:black
✔️ Price : 21.99 US Dollars for a pair.

There are 4 variants of lashes available for you to choose from :
✔️ Natural.
✔️ Sporty.
✔️ Dramatic.
✔️ Double Demi Wispies

The website offers free international shipping including India.
Use code Niranjana10 to get 10% off on any lash variant.
I received my order in 15 days and there was no tracking provided. It was delivered via India Post and the package was as secure as it could be.

A pair of lashes come in a beautiful solid white box which has some sort of magnetic lining inside it so lashes won’t move around.

There’s also a mirror attached and the box shuts tightly making it very much travel friendly.There’s also a complimentary lash applicator and an instruction card with pictures inside the box. 

The white box is packed securely inside a white card board box which is further packed in a bigger black cardboard cover that reads “wake up & makeup”.

Each box will contain a pair of lashes – one for each eye. These lashes have magnets attached at 3 points – both ends and the middle (do note that due to the presence of magnets on both ends, you cannot trim down the length as it may affect the staying power of the lashes.
For each eye, there are also 3 strips – one for the inner corner, one for the outer corner end one for the middle – with magnets attached to them.

Basically you place the main long lash above your natural lash and below it, you’ll attach the 3 magnetic pieces at the 3 points in a way that your original lash gets sandwiched in between with magnetic points above and below !
Checkout the video here at 2:10 for a demonstration!

They’re deep brownish black in color and look quite natural on the eyes. I’d say a color perfect for the Asian skintone and wouldn’t look artificial at all. They are neither stuff nor goofy.

It took me two to three times to get the hang of it but I must tell you! This is a lot easier than the traditional falsies with glue application! I use one lash applicator to hold the main lash in place and use another to place the tiny pieces (because with just one applicator, the main lash would slip away from the lash line as soon as I go for the mini ones.

As it gets closer to the eye lids, I feel a tugging effect (thanks to the magnets) which is neither too painful nor too disturbing. I usually tend to forget the discomfort, if any, within 30 minutes of application. Even when I use falsies with glue, some sort of tugging feeling persists so honestly it doesn’t matter.

The wear time is good ; 4 to 5 hours provided you don’t sleep with the lashes on or pull it from the eyes.

Removal is also quite easy – just pull it off from the eyes and can be securely stored in the white box for further use.

The only con I can think of is the price (21.99 US Dollars before discount). Otherwise, the Wakeup and Makeup Magnetic Lashes is worth a shot and you wouldn’t regret the purchase!

watch the entire video here !!

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